Where is HubTime and How Do I Use It?

What is HubTime?

HubTime is the electronic timesheet where Staff, Faculty, and Student Employees enter in time they have worked or approve hours for employees they oversee.  It can appear a bit tricky at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of HubTime with this quick guide!

Where is HubTime?

HubTime is found on the right hand side of the CalArts Hub.  Once you login you'll see WebAdvisor below the Faculty/Staff Directory.  Just underneath that you'll see HubTime.


What Do I Use HubTime For?

HubTime is a quick way to enter time for the current pay period, approve time for your employees (or Student Workers), check yours or your employees past timesheets.


This would not be the place where you could see anything related to health insurance, your doctors, dentists, or anything like that.  Human Resources is still the best resource for those inquiries.

Important: When you click the Submit button in HubTime it submits the form, not your timesheet.  You must check the box that specifically states you are done with your timesheet before it will be submitted.  Think of it as a Save button more than a Submit button.

Time Entry

When you click on Time Entry you're brought to a page that relates only to your position.  If you are a non-exempt staff member (hourly) you will need to click on the checkbox on the left before clicking Submit to enter in your hours.  

The checkbox is there so the system knows which position you're inputting hours for.  If you're regular Staff or Faculty you'll likely only have the one option.  This same page is used by Student Workers, however, who typically have more than one position and therefore would need to specify the position.


Once you've clicked Submit you'll be taken to a new screen where you can put in your hours.


There are three ways you can put in your time and have the system accept it.  In this example on Monday I put in my time in shorthand (8am & 1pm), followed by military time (1400, which is 2pm, and 1700, which is 5pm).  Or you can write is out entirely, like 08:00AM.  Input time using the style you prefer, but do not include any spaces, the system will give you an error if you have a space in your time.

If you had multiple breaks, like in the Tuesday listed above, you will need to select the Insert Line checkbox on the right hand side followed by Submit.  The system will save any time you've put in so far and give you an additional line on the day that you checked.  For example:


In this case when I click on Submit my 8am and 1pm times are saved and a new line is inserted below this one, giving me three total time slots for Monday, 10/20/14.  If you click on Insert Line and don't actually need the third line you can just not put anything in it and it will be automatically pruned the next time you click Submit.


When you have completed your timesheet and want to submit it for Supervisor approval you must click on the checkbox at the bottom of the page that says "Checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval".  If you do not click that checkbox your Supervisor will not be able to approve your timesheet!


Time History

If you want to review your past time sheets just click on Time History.


You need to select which year your time sheet was completed in before going forward.  HubTime does not have timesheet information for any periods worked before the system was put into place (and even then only the final pay period of 2013 is available).  If you need to see time sheets from before 2014 you will need to contact Payroll.

Click Submit when you've selected the year you're interested in.


This is where I would go to view my most recent time sheets.  In this case I had a correction to one of my time sheets after it was submitted, so Rony Juarez (from Payroll) shows up as the Supervisor (or whoever Approved the time sheet in the system).

Selecting one of the options and clicking Submit will take you to a screen showing the details of that time sheet.  Including any Supervisor Comments, when the time sheet was completed, and the full detail of the hours worked per day.  If you need to print that page just go to the File menu and click Print, there isn't a specific print button on the page itself.

Time Approval (for supervisors)

Supervisors are required to approve time sheets of their employees on the first Monday after the time period ends at 1pm.

In my case I am the supervisor for Aaron, Brent, and Jason.  Since I haven't reviewed their time sheets yet that option is automatically selected.  If I click Submit at this point the system will queue all three time sheets for review sequentially (i.e., loading Jason's after I've approved Brent's).


If I were to approve one time sheet and return to this page that one would be marked as Approve, and the rest would still be marked as Review Entry.

Employee History (for supervisors)

As the name implies this is where Supervisors can go to view their employee time sheet history.  In this case Aaron has two entries because he became the Lead Customer Care Technician in 2014, so the system has time sheet history for him both and after that position change.



Have questions about HubTime?  Contact HR & Payroll if your question relates to the content of your Hubtime.  Contact us in IT if your question relates to accessing HubTime!

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