Error: Maximum Number of Cookie Values Reached

We've been receiving a few reports from Students, Faculty, and Staff members recently of an error regarding cookies whenever they try to log in to HubTime.  This is preventing them from either submitting time or approving time, which is obviously a huge problem!  Thankfully this is an easy, if not slightly inconvenient, thing to fix!

The Error

Technically this error is produced when a browser doesn't properly expire cookies that it creates during your HubTime session.  Or said in more helpful terms: HubTime sees you as logged in already and thinks something fishy is going on, so it prevents you from logging in to protect your information as much as possible.


All we need to do to stop this from happening is to clear your cookies.  Unfortunately that will also trigger your other sites, like Facebook and such, to make you log back in as well, but until we have an overall fix for this issue that will be the behavior we see.  

Note: You can use your browsers Private Browsing Mode (or Incognito Mode if you're using Chrome) to get around this entire issue since it doesn't store cookies after you've logged out!

If You're Using Firefox

Clearing your cookies in Firefox is a pretty simple affair.  It even gives you an advanced option to just delete the HubTime cookies, letting you stay logged in to your other websites like Facebook, Gmail, etc!


You can either clear all of your cookies by clicking on clear your recent history, or click on remove individual cookies for a more advanced view!


Just search for calarts and remove the cookies for the site called, or remove all cookies for CalArts websites.

If You're Using Chrome

Chrome's advanced options for cookies aren't as easy to operate as Firefox's, so we recommend a blanket deletion of your cookies.


If you're OS X, you can click on Chrome in the upper left hand corner and go to Clear Browsing Data... to get to the cookie removal screen.

If you're in Windows, the easiest way is to get to the cookie removal screen is to press Control, Shift, and Delete at the same time.


The most straightforward way to clear your cookies is to select the beginning of time at the top of the screen and checkmark the box next to delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.  Once you do that you'll have to re-sign in to any other site you use but HubTime will work as expected.

Avoiding the Problem Altogether with Privacy/Incognito Mode

As I mentioned earlier in this article, you can use the Privacy Mode in Firefox/Safari or Incognito Mode in Chrome to bypass this issue completely.

Private Browsing in Safari

Just click on Safari in the upper left hand corner and go to Private Browsing.  Once you're done click it again to disable it.


Private Browsing in Firefox (OS X and Windows)

In OS X click on Firefox in the upper left hand corner and go to New Private Window.  Once you're done close the window and you're set!

In Windows click on Firefox in the upper left hand corner of the window and go to New Private Window.  Just like OS X, close it when you're done and that's it!

Firefox_OSX_Private_Browsing.png      Firefox_Windows_PrivateBrowsing.png

Incognito Mode in Chrome (OS X and Windows)

Chrome is similar to both Firefox and Safari, but Windows has a slightly different way of activating Incognito Mode.

In OS X click on File in the upper left hand corner and click on New Incognito Window, when you're done just close it and you're set.

In Windows click on the three bars icon on the upper right and go to New incognito window, again just closing it when you're done.

Chrome_OSX_Incognito.png      Chrome_Windows_Incognito.png


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