Faculty: How Do I View My Class Roster Photos?

Class Roster Photos for students can now be found through HubHelper. You will be able to view photos of the students enrolled in each of your classes.


Login to HubHelper

In your browser of choice, go to http://hubhelper.calarts.edu, then login with your CalArts Credentials.



After you log in, at the top left of the page click on Faculty, and then click My Roster.



My Roster

On the My Roster page, click on the dropdown labeled View All on the right side, and then select View By Class.



On the next page, click on the dropdown menu labeled Select a Class... in the middle of the screen, and then select the class that you want to view student photos of.




You should now have the student photos of your class displayed on the screen.



If you have any trouble accessing your class roster photos please contact the IT Department at cait@calarts.edu.

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