Faculty: How Do I Use the Mentor Report Site?

Mentor Reports are now online through HubHelper for Deans and Mentors.  Here's what you need to know to submit your Mentor Reports!

(If you're looking for the Student Reviews guide, just click here!)

Login to HubHelper

In your browser of choice and go to http://hubhelper.calarts.edu, then login with your CalArts Credentials.


Depending on what you see in the top menu, click on Faculty, School Admins, or Staff, then click on My Mentee List.  In this case we're seeing the menu that a Faculty member would see.


Clicking on My Mentee List brings you to a new page called My Mentee List.  This is a list of all students that you are a listed as a Mentor for.  If that list doesn't seem to be correct please send an email to cait@calarts.edu and IT will investigate.


When you click on a student's name there may be a delay loading the next page.  Be patient, it will load, at which point you'll be at the Student Detail page!

Student Detail Page

When you're at the Student Details page look for and click on the Create Review/Report button.  A short menu will appear with the types of Reviews or Reports you can make, in this case we're click on the Mentor link. 

When you click on the Mentor link a new mentor report will be created and you'll automatically go to the Edit Report page!


Edit Report Page

The Edit Report page is really similar to the Student Review page, except the only things a Mentor can do is either click Save or Sign-Off Report, which sends it to the Dean for review.  The Sign-Off Report button will implicitly save the report, so there is no need to click Save then Sign-Off Report.


Again, if you're finished with a Mentor Report you can click Sign-Off Report to send it to your Dean.  Otherwise click Save to be able to come back to the report notes and complete it later.

Important!  When you want to continue a saved report look for the box labeled Mentor Report and click the Edit link next to it.  That will take you back to the report you have saved.  It'll look almost exactly like this:


Art School Reports

If you are in the Art school you will not see the above screen.  Since the Art School uses a prompt-based review system when you click on a student in the My Mentee List you will be presented with this page:


Apart from the difference in report style everything else is the same.  You still need to click either Save or Sign-Off Report, depending if you need to leave the review or if you're finished with it.

Entering an Older Report

Mentor Reports completed earlier this academic year (2014-2015) may need to be inputted to this system.  If that's the case the process is exactly the same as we've described above, but you can change the Report Date on the right hand side of the Edit Report page. 


For example, if you are entering a report completed on December 4th 2014 you can change the date to 12/04/2014 before you click Sign-Off Report.

Things to Keep In Mind

You cannot upload files to a report.  The system does not support separate file uploads.  If you find that you need to include a media sample, like a PDF, JPG, MP3, or other separate file, it will need to be sent to the Dean manually outside of the system.


If you have any trouble with the Mentor Reports page please don't hesitate to send us a note at cait@calarts.edu and we'll be happy to help!

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    Steve Anker

    Fine how-to page, but there's a typo:
    "Again, if your finished with a Mentor Report you can click Sign-Off Report to send it to your Dean."

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    Christopher Cuttriss

    Good catch, Steve! Thank you!

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