Faculty: How Do I Use the Student Reviews Site?

Student Reviews are now online through HubHelper!  Coordinators, Mentors, and Deans can login to complete Reviews.  Here's what you need to know!

(If you're looking for the Mentor Report guide, just click here!)

The Student Review Process

Depending on your school, the Student Review process works like this:

Art and Film/Video: Review Coordinator > Sign-Off > Mentor > Approve/Deny > Dean > Advancement or Graduation Recommendation

Critical Studies, Theater, and Dance: Mentor > Sign-Off > Dean > Advancement or Graduation Recommendation

The Music School does not do Student Reviews using this process.  If you are Music School Faculty and have questions regarding your Student Reviews please contact the Music School Office.

Login to HubHelper

In your browser of choice and go to http://hubhelper.clarts.edu, then login with your CalArts Credentials.


Depending on what you see in the top menu, click on Faculty, School Admins, or Staff, then click on Student Reviews/Reports Dashboard.  In this case we're seeing the menu that a Faculty member would see.


Student Reviews Dashboard

When you click on Student Reviews/Reports Dashboard link you're taken to a page listing the names, schools, and academic year of all Students that you're able to review.  In this example some students have both their Mid-Res Review and Graduation Review listed because neither of them have been completed.

On the right side we see a single student listed under the Reviews Due section (their review Due Date is the current semester) and one Graduation Review listed under the Reviews with Remarks category.  Remarks are internal and visible only by Mentors, Coordinators, or Deans.


If You Are a Mentor or Coordinator

Mentors and Coordinators can add comments to a student review that will be sent to the Dean for his/her review.  All Student Review notes are visible by the student.  We have blurred out any identifying information in the screen shot below, but we are using an example from the Art school for the purposes of this guide.

Student Review Detail

The Due Date needs to be entered by whoever is starting the review.  This will be either a Coordinator or a Mentor depending on the school. 

If you are not finished with your review, but want to save it, click on the Save button in the upper left hand corner.  The page will log you out automatically after 45 minutes, unless you click Save or do some other action.


Since schools have unique Review needs this page may not be exactly the same between Mentors and Coordinators.

  • Art and Film/Video: Coordinators fill out Present for Review, Review Notes, and the Review DateMentors fill out Mentor Comments.
  • Critical Studies, Theater, and Dance: Mentors fill out Review Notes, Present for Review, and Review Date.

To return to the Dashboard click the Back button in the upper right hand corner.

Approving or Denying a Review


If you are ready to make a decision on a review, click on the Update Status button at the top of the page.  You do not need to click Save before Approving or Denying a review.  Making either selection will save the review automatically.

If you are a Mentor in Critical Studies, Theater, or Dance, you will only be able to Sign-Off on a review, not Approve or Deny one.

If you are a Coordinator in Art or Film/Video, you will only be able to Sign-Off on a review.  Mentors in these schools can Approve or Deny reviews, along with the their respective Deans.

You can verify that your decision has been registered by looking at the Review pane on the right hand side (it will either say Mid-Res Review or Graduation Review).  In this example we're looking at a Graduation Review that has been Approved by a Mentor, but not by the Dean.


Once you have Approved a review you will not be able to edit it unless it is Denied by someone else (i.e., a Dean).  The View link in the upper right hand corner will show you a read-only version of the review after you've approved it.  Only when all parties have approved a review will the Review Status change to Approved.

If You Are a Dean

The Dean's view of the Student Review page has one crucial element: the Review Result.  If you Deny the review, a Review Result isn't required. 

If you Approve the review you must choose one of the options, whether it is Recommended for Graduation, Graduation Delayed, Advancement Delayed, Recommended for Advancement, or Other (which produces a text box where you can type in your decision).


Once you Approve or Deny a review you will be taken back to your Student Reviews/Reports Dashboard.  Alternatively you can click the Save button in the upper left hand corner to save your work but not finalize the review.

Things to be Aware Of

Saving Reviews


When you click on the Save button do not press the Back button or close the window.  If the Save process is interrupted the review may not be saved or it may get corrupted in other ways.  Please let the Save process complete naturally.


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