How Do I: Sign up for LinkedIn Learning?

With LinkedIn Learning, the same great content from Lynda.cοm is delivered through an intuitive, new learning experience that's more personalized and easy-to-use.

CalArts provides a limited number of LinkedIn Learning accounts available for Faculty and Staff use.  There are ten total training slots available and each have a minimum term of two weeks.  Faculty and staff can request a LinkedIn Learning account (or reactivation of a LinkedIn Learning account) by submitting an IT ticket.  

For those who aren't aware, LinkedIn Learning (formerly is an online training resource with literally thousands of tutorials available with both video and offline demo content (depending on program).  The two week minimum is exactly that: you will have access until for two weeks until someone else requests access, accounts generally last a full month or more before reassignment.

LinkedIn Learning  is not available for student use at this time. CalArts IT has investigated the possibility of a campus agreement that would open access to students, faculty, and staff on an unlimited basis but we do not know when, or if, this will ever become a realistic possibility.

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    Brittany Neimeth

    Hi Chris,


    A teacher mentioned that Lynda is available to students now. Can you please let me know if this is true and if so, how do I go about accessing the subscription?

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    Christopher Cuttriss

    Hi Brittany!  Through the IT department we don't yet have accounts available for students.  That instructor may have been talking about school-specific offerings (i.e., Art School has a specific kiosk for students to use).  We know there is a demand for student accounts on and are working on a way to do it but I don't have an ETA on when (or if) that'll happen.

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