New Faculty Guide

Welcome to CalArts!

This is intended to be a quick reference guide to the services that are available to you as Calarts Faculty.  If you have any questions, or need help with any of these services, please don't hesitate to contact us in the IT department.

How to Contact IT

If you have any questions or difficulties with CalArts accounts or  processes, just contact IT and we can lend a hand.  CalArts is a small  community and we want to make sure every CalArtian's experience is as  smooth and easy as possible!

  • Send us an email at 
  • Tweet us at @CalArtsIT
  • Through the Submit a Ticket button at the top of this page
  • By phone at 661.253.7887 (or just x7887 if you're on campus)
  • Or face-to-face in our office, which is inside the Library

Get to Know Your CalArts Accounts

There are two accounts that you will have that are managed by CalArts IT:

  • Your CalArts Credentials (click here for reset instructions)
    • Used for Hub & WebAdvisor, the CASecure wireless network, the Campus Alert system, and VPN.  If your computer is directly supported by the IT department it is most likely your computer login as well.  If you change your CalArts Credentials password it will affect all of these services.
  • Your Email account (CalArts uses Google Apps)
    • This is the primary method of communication between you and CalArts, and can be used to login to web services that use the Google login.  CalArts IT can only support email problems using the web interface.  If you choose to use OS X Mail, Outlook, or the like we may be unable to help you.

These accounts are purposefully disparate and we encourage you to have distinct passwords for each.  Any accounts outside of these will likely be school, departmental, or special accounts that IT may or may not have involvement in and will be setup at a later date.

What To Do First

Setup Your CalArts Credentials

You should have received a welcome letter in your school mailbox with your temporary account credentials.  

  1. Open your browser of choice
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your username and temporary password found on your New Faculty sheet.
  4. The system will ask you to reset your password immediately, this is your CalArts Credentials password.

Login to Your Email Account

Your temporary email credentials are the same as your temporary CalArts Credentials on your New Faculty sheet.  Upon your first login you will be prompted to change the password to something of your choosing.  At this time the only way to change a lost or forgotten email password is to contact IT.

  1. Open up your browser of choice
  2. Go to
  3. Login using your full email address
  4. Set a new password for your email account

That's (basically) it!

We have a section of this website specifically for Faculty and Staff.  You're encouraged to take a look to see what is available to you as a Faculty or Staff member at CalArts.  If you think there's something missing, please tell us what you want to see!

Here are a few articles that might help get you started:

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