How Do I: Renew Adobe Creative Cloud?

This guide is currently only applicable to CalArts Faculty and Staff.

Is Your Subscription Expired?

Renewing your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is an easy, but specific, process.  Keep in mind that subscriptions can only be renewed after they have expired, so if you have any trouble check to see when your expiration date is!

to CAIT Software

In your favorite web browser go to and click Sign In.

Your username is your CalArts Email address.  You created the password when you initially purchased Creative Cloud and is not linked to any other account.  

If you don't recall what the password is just click on Forgot username or password? and reset your password before continuing.

Check your Eligibility

After you sign-in you'll see only one option: Adobe Creative Cloud.  Click on the icon and you'll see the Adobe Creative Cloud for ETLA (Multilanguage) product page.  

Once you're there, click on the Are you eligible? link.

If you see Subscription Not Expired click on the View link next to it to see your Orders & Downloads (which is your order history).

In my case I'm not eligible to renew my subscription until October 13th, 2017, because I last purchased Creative Cloud on October 12th, 2016.

Re-Verifying Your Eligibility

If your subscription has indeed expired then you'll need to re-verify your eligibility before being able to resubscribe.  This makes certain that you are still active CalArts Faculty or Staff.  In this case you'll see a screen like like this:

In this next screen just select whether you are Faculty or Staff from the Group of which you are a member drop-down menu and click Submit.

When you click Submit a verification email will be sent to your CalArts email address.  Find that message and click on the link inside to verify your email address.

Once you see the message Your email address has been successfully verified you can purchase another year of Creative Cloud!

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