Inbox by Google

Although it is enabled CalArts IT can not offer full support for Inbox.  The regular webmail interface for your CalArts email account remains the only method of interacting your email that we can fully support.  

We will do our best to help with any Inbox requests, but it is not one of our supported applications.

What is Inbox?

Inbox is another way to view and interact with your CalArts email account.  Google has created it as a distinct product from Gmail that offers a unique way to manage your email in a new way.

Although Inbox is an entirely different entity to Gmail your email will sync between both platforms.  If you delete a message in Inbox it will be deleted in Gmail!

Here's a good article from Lifehacker about how to use Inbox by Gmail

How do I access Inbox?

  • If you want to use Inbox through a web browser head over to
  • On an iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Inbox app from the AppStore
  • Using an Android device head over to the Play Store to download the Inbox by Gmail app
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